Jane Eyre Revision 

Jane Eyre​ is a systematic, episodic novel which is clearly divided into five settings: ​ ​​ ​Gateshead Hall ​​ ​Lowood School ​​ ​Thornfield Hall ​​ ​Morton/Moor House/Marsh End ​​ ​Ferndean ​ ​Being a bildungsroman in its form, it is not surprising these are structured in clear, ​chronological order. ​Q: Remember the full title of the novel? ​A: ​Jane Eyre: ______ __________________________ ​

Task: ​For each setting, put together a revision PowerPoint. ​Ensure your slides/information cover the following (perhaps use them as slide ​headings): ​AO1/2 Characterisation, theme, plot and setting – use literary jargon/critical ​terminology ​AO2 use of language, structure and form ​AO5 different readings / critical interpretations ​AO3 literary, social, historical, cultural and biographical contexts. 

Use specific textual details and quotations from your setting’s section(s) to help you to ​explore all the above successfully. ​If you’re not sure where to start – why not explore the meaning/connotation of the ​name itself? ​ ​


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